Just purchased the Nordost Thor power conditioner on Audiogon and would like to replace the stock cord. Is there anybody that owns this unit and can recommend a cord
that will yield superior sound?
I'm not going to recommend a specific brand (why stick the neck out) but one piece of advice: Whether it's Purist or VD or Elrod or Belden or any of dozens of others, just make sure it has at least 10AWG conductors. I think Audioquest or maybe it's PS, make 9 and even 8 AWG PCs. Wouldn't hurt if it had a floating shield either, but not imperative since the conditioner should remove any noise.
Do not use a Bramha cable, you will loose to much in the low freq. I tested the Thor a few times, but I dind'nt like the woorking of it. When you have not a lot of Nordost in your system it can do great things. I already use a lot of Valhalla in my system. But the Thor was overkilling everything. It brings the sound to much forwards, and not backwards. Other conditioners gives better individual focus and much more depth.I would say use a Valhalla or something like a Purist Audio.
Thor isn't sold with a power cable. I prefer the PS Audio Lab cable over Valhalla, Brahma, or lesser Nordost cables.