Power cord feeding a power conditioner/regenerator

I am waiting for my Purepower APS 3000 to be delivered; it comes (it's the european version; I am from Italy) with a stock power cord with 20A IEC, so I can't use my power cords (Cardas Golden Reference) to evaluate how do they work on the power regenerator in comparison to the stock one.

I should buy a new cable with 20A IEC, or do it by myself buying a piece of a brand cable and the right connectors (Furutech, Oyaide, Wattgate).

Any experience, before I make an useless buy?


Hi Emanuele,

It should be fairly straightforward to have someone reterminate your existing powercable to fit a 20A IEC. If you like your existing Cardas Golden Ref (you should...i have heard they are top class)...then you may wish to ask your local dealer for a recommendation of a simple engineer/tech to reterminate. It should not cost very much...other than the cost of the Furutech 20A IEC outlet and then the labor to reterminate (sometimes they do it for free).

Good luck.
Use your Cardas between the Purepower and your current equipment you use it on.
Hi, I would suggest you get the Shunyata adapter plugs. They are retailing at around $100/pc (tight/firm grip, and of highest audiophile quality). Available both ways (two versions), the 15>20A conversion, and 20>15A ones.

I had similar problem as all ARC equipments are 20Amps IEC equipped, and the last thing I want to do is temper with original factory terminations of my existing PCs. Further, I still swap cables around from time to time which makes fixed re-termination not viable.

Using these, you are then free to try/use any PCs you wish. Also, there is no degradation in sound quality that I can hear/detect of by using these well made plugs.

Hope this helps.
If it is the cord before it, here is a recent thread they may help.[http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1320392461&openusid&zz]
I read almost all threads in the internet about the influence of the power cord before a power conditioner or power regenerator.

Comparing other's experience with mine (with the Goldenote Dumbo AC, a filter for only a digital source -or preamplifier-) I realize that the cable before the filter is the most important cable in the system.

I think claims like "this filter/regenerator TOTALLY isolates from electric line" are only marketing.

Now I have to buy a Shuko/20A IEC power cord, but almost all manifacturers make USA/20A IEC cords, not Shuko.
They only sell not terminated power cords and 20A european accessories, for a "DIY" cable.

I have to buy an USA power cord (replacing my Oyaide MTS4e Shuko wall outlet with an USA receptacle) like Furutech G20A-18 or search for a manifacturer who makes a "ready for use" Shuko/20A power cord, or do it by myself.

I would prefer a factory terminated cable.

Maybe Cardas provides from factory a Shuko/20A Golden Reference power cord; since cables in my audio system are ALL Golden Reference, maybe it would be "the right choice".
I think claims like "this filter/regenerator TOTALLY isolates from electric line" are only marketing.

If you had enough electronics background to analyze how some things work, you would most likely have a different opinion. A regenerator (if built right) can basically do a lot (actually all at times) of what is claimed.

A conditioner has it's limitations by design. You need to analyze the whole scenario.

Even though you live in Italy, have you ever measured the input, and output of a regenerator, to say you know this to be true?

If the power grid over there is similar to the US, you probably get your power through a variety of materials like we do, including steel, and all kinds of various alloys. Power cords can't change the bad power, to good power, coming from a utility. A regenerator can.
I will receive soon (within the next week) a 2,5 meters Cardas Golden Reference power cord with 20A IEC (there is this option on Cardas list).

I will make you know whow it works in comparison to the Purepower 3000 stock power cord (I expect to hear a little more naturalness and dynamics).

After a week of burn in (during this time system sounded almost "thin"), Purepower had a big impact on my system, I did not expect so much, I would recommend it to anyone who feels that his system is limited by bad electricity issues.

What surprised me was stronger an very deeper bass, soundstage is more open with more widht an height, I hear instruments and details I've never heard in many records I know very well, slightly better dynamics, sound is more natural even at very high SPLs : listening fatigue due to mid-highs aggressiveness (caused by bad electricity) is totally gone !

I am very happy and I think that with the new power cord for the PP I will be happier.. stay tuned.
It will be interesting to see if Purepower knows their own product they engineered. I'm guessing they do. David.
According to what Purepower does, it shouldn't require anything special coming into it.[http://www.purepoweraps.com/regen.htm]
I think claims like "this filter/regenerator TOTALLY isolates from electric line" are only marketing.

My Torus CS-15 claimed the same thing and every time I turned on a light or fan, I would hear a pop. So much for isolation...


My Torus CS-15 claimed the same thing and every time I turned on a light or fan, I would hear a pop. So much for isolation...

A regenerator should give true new clean power. There is still air-born RF interference generated from other electrical/electronics that can be picked up after the unit too.
In this topic http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1318151545&openfrom&1&4#1 David12 tried different power cords on his PP, that's what he said :

" there clearly was a difference ..."

"... I would say there was not as much difference as putting the same cables on the amp or CD player, perhaps that is accounted for by the Pure Power being a regenarator, not a conditioner."

I will post you my impressions whem my Cardas Golden Reference with 20A IEC will arrive.
Look forward to hearing about your findings! Enjoy!
Biggy, you never posted your findings once the 20A Cardas GR came in.
Sorry! I really forgot that.
It was more than 4 years ago, but I remember (after a long burn in of the Cardas) better sense of density, richer voices, better mid-bass fullness and bass impact, more harmonics, more real and natural timbre and better dynamics than the stock power cord, with a bit of sparkle typical of the Golden Ref. power cords.

Now I changed house and I made a dedicated line for the Purepower with 10 meters of an industrial, "hospital grade" cable 12 AWG(3,31sq)x3 with double insulation (good for medical UPS), terminated with Oyaide C279 gold plated 20A IEC plug.

No other contacts, a single cable with good gauge from the power panel to the regenerator, only the C279, it makes sense but I could not ever try other solutions here.

I still have an Oyaide SWD-GX gold Shuko wall inlet, I used in the old house, never installed here; I should install an external box for the SWD without cutting the dedicated line and try again an aftermarket cable with 20A IEC.

Before moving from old house I installed the C279 gold 20A IEC on an Oyaide Tunami GPX of mine instead of its C046 gold/palladium IEC, the result was better to my ears in that room than the 20A Cardas G.Ref. : smoother, quieter, more dynamic, powerful sound with better bass impact and no added sparkle.

I think Oyaide Tunami with its impressive gauge (I opened it to install the C279) of 5,5sq (it was difficult to fit in the C279, while its C046 "special edition" have larger holes) is a great solution for regenerators.

I have to try it in my new room.