Power Conditioner without grounding,does it work?

Hi,I have been using SS Integated amps-NADC370,NjoeTjoeb4000
CDP,TruthLink(HT)IC. Ultraconductor (jpslabs)spkr cable.Now and then I could hear a hint of harshness(when the volum of amps is a bid louder e.g.8:30 o,clock position).I just thought a power conditioner might be needed.However, my houseAC wall outlet is not grounded.I wonder would there be any senses of using power conditioner such as Monster HT1000
without grounded? JPSLABS has told me that their GPA AC-OUTLET Center doesnt required any grounding to get the sonic benefit.YET I am skeptical about this.Does any body have any idea or suggestion about getting a power conditioner without grounding? I really need your opinion and suggestion and thanks a lot. Simon
I think many conditioners other than filtering also work by sending the unwanted grunge and line noise out of the way by way of the ground. You may want to contact the manufacturer's customer service dept.
The grunge has got to go SOMEWHERE. Rather than just shunting it to ground, it can be "absorbed" via a resistive trap. This requires the use of "good sized" resistors that may require heatsinking, depending on how much "grunge" is being absorbed / dissipated. While i have never seen anybody do this in the audio field, it is completely valid and has been used to great effect in the RF field. Sean
i am currently using a richard grey powerstation ungrounded. it has quieted the front end. do not think being ungrounded is a problem.
I was told by one who seems to know much about this area that the ground can introduce much noise into a line. Alot depends on the quality of electrical installation and time period your residence was contructed and if a common ground is used, etc..

I am using a Foundation Research LC-2 in-line conditioner for my amp and an LC-1 for my source. The LC-2 was custom wired without a ground connect. I also floated the ground on my dedicated 20 amp outlet used for my amp and pre-amp and my non-dedicated 15 amp outlet used my source. I also installed some PS Audio power ports.

I don't know that much about electricity, but every electrical tweak I've made, I've noticed fairly substantial improvements in the lowered noise floor, soundstaging, and enhanced micro- and even macro-dynamics. But then it also depends on the transparency of your components. I'm not certain that an electrical tweak exists that would improve the sound of my am/fm clock radio.