Power Conditioner for 220v environment

I am moving to a country with 220v outlets.
What is the best power conditioner for this voltage
Where can I buy one of these?
The Ensemble Isolink is the best period. it will feed both 110 and 220 volt equipment. Call Perfect Note Audio at 508-366-2023. The owner, Jon Robbins, is currently running 220 volt equipment from one.
Audio Magic Stealth is available in 220 V-versions, too.
Interesting seems to be a power conditioner from DeZorel in Belgrade (www.dezorel.com). German companies do make good power conditioners for 220 V, e.g. Burmester, Audioplan, Einstein, Dillenhoefer (www.dss.com)
The Shunyta Hydra works with any voltage. I use the Hydra in a 230 Volts country - plus, since the Hydra has US plugs, you can continue using your existing power cords between the Hydra and the gear. You need either a special cable between the wall outlet and the Hydra or an adapter plug (not a Voltage converter). Go for the native cable if possible.
also PS-Audio P-600 will allow you to set the power input and output. You also can select the type of plugs you want.