Power Cables?!?!

OKAY< I am looking for some serious help, about six months ago I made a deal with A company named Delta Audio Labs, This deal was a trade for their cables with my pre-amp. Okay well they were legit and have a website Deltalabs.net and now have dissapered and STOLE MY AUDIO RESEARCH PRE! If ANY one has any info or suggestions PLEASE HELP. I recieved their power cable which is nice--But They owe me many more cables which were a part of the deal. THANKS
You might want to check the Forum Archives. Try http://audiogo1.iserver.net/cgi-bin/forum5.pl?ymisc&973777771&read Good luck. Hope you have soething in writing. - Dan
They are still around. At least for selling things... They auction stuff off here on Audiogon. You might try to get to them via that dealer. I once bought a silver cable via auction here. Everything was OK, I posted a positve feedback about a guy allied with them(which I was not aware of, and now regret), as things did not go that great after I posted that(especially for others on this site). But, I did get my cable. Just left me with a sinking feeling. I did buy another cable later(through the auction with the dealer). I am happy with both of them. Then later I read all the brouhaha... Can't blame anyone who is pissed off. Even ate some crow myself in a thread here. I stand up and take it. It's deserved. Hopefully, you can get some satisfaction. That guy owes all of you. It is his duty to make things right. Good Luck!
Quest for Sound (on this Audiogon Site) always sells Delta Labs cables so they probably have regular contact with them.