Power Cable for Exemplar 2900- Suggestions?

Seeking a little feedback.

I am the happy owner of an Exemplar 2900 digital player, currently powered by an Audience PowerChord connected to my BPT 3.5 Signature. While I like the sound with the Audience, I've been thinking of experimenting.

On previous players I've tried MANY high-end cables. On this player I've only tried the Audience.

I'm thinking Elrods or some of the Electraglides...


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Hi Dan,

I've found grand improvements with several brands of upgraded cords. When I say improvements, I mean a greater sense of space, air, a midrange that invites you in by relaxing each of the instruments into their respective positions. The music sounds more transparent, less compressed/forced. In my experience, the cords ranked as follows in terms of producing this result, moving from good to better as you make your way down the list:
Michael Wolff Carbon Source
Virtual Dynamics Nite I
Electraglide Mini Khan Plus
Electraglide Ultra Khan Revised/Statement II
Best of luck, and enjoy your Exemplar!
I respect your opinion, so I tried my APL 3900 straight into a seperate dedicated outlet.
Perhaps the bass was a little bit more, but, the other areas like soundstage and definition were still better when the APL 3900 is plugged into my Hydra 8.
I am using Electraglige Ultra Khan Statement 2 r (too many names) into both my Hydra 8 and my APL 3900.
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