Power amp for Sonus Faber Extrema?

I'm wondering if high power tubes will work, or should I use solid state to get the most dynamics out of these? Any suggestions or experiences are greatly appreciated.
Since Franco likes very much Goldmund I 'd recommend on Extrema's a Goldmund Mimesis 29....best stereo amp period..perfect match for them....enjoy it...
You want big tubes-Tube Research, VTL, Jadis 500s, etc. Solid state will sound too dry.
I heard the Extremas at the Stereophile show in 1996 on Meridian 557 Amps bridged and the Meridian 502 Preamp. Holy Moley did the Extremas sound incredible on the Meridian 557 Amps. The system sounded so sweet with an amazing soundstage. The Bass was fast and tight.