Power amp for Audio Research SP16L pre-amp

I'm looking for a matching power amp for my Audio Research SP16L pre-amp.
Which would be better between the Audio Research, VS55 or VS110 or the 300.2?
How well would the older Audio Research amps work such as the D and VT series.
Depends on your speakers and other variables.. the VS55 is really a honey of an amp if you can deal with the lower watt output. The older VT series are expensive and more difficult to retube. The 300.2 is a digital amp and has it's own signature...

So it depends on how you are trying to make your system sound?
Well I will be using it with some Proac Reference 8 signatures.
The sound I'm after would probably be a neutral sound.
I would also consider the ARC 150.2 or the 100.2. Both have more than enough power for your application. I'm using a 150.2 with my SP16 currently and am very pleased. It runs cool, is so reliable and sounds great. I had a 100.2 which had a bit more texture and body in the midrange and slightly more natural highs. It is widely regarded as one of the best ss amps ARC ever built. It will cost you though--they come on the A'gon infrequently and sell quickly at asking price. For $500 less you can get a 150.2 that will last forever and sounds nearly as good.
Dodgealum, I just found your post and am curious -why did you replace your 100.2? I've been looking for an amp to go with my AR LS 16MkII and was told the 100.2 is more musical than the 150.2. Would appreciate input from other Agon folks who are familiar with both amps.
Oops, I apologize! I'm relatively new to Agon and forgot that I should not be directing attention away from the issue that started this thread, but should instead start a new one to get responses to my question.

Your "diversion" is less so than most and therefore I think warrants a reply. Basically, I sold my 100.2 because my equipment is stored in a cabinet with little room for ventilation. You can see my setup by clicking on "system". The 150.2 is a digital switching amp and therefore develops very little heat (and also uses very little energy--call it "green" hifi. I really feel you give up very little sonically between the two amps. Is the 100.2 better? Yes. Is the 150.2 very close? Yep. If you have the room to breath and can afford the 100.2 that would be my recommendation. Otherwise, the 150.2 will match up very well with your preamp. Hope this helps.
Dodgealum, thanks for your response. I did find it helpful. There is sufficient ventilation for the 100.2. However, it is so hard to find these days that I might opt for something else. Good to know that you are satisfied with the 150.2. I want to replace a Rotel RB 1080. The Rotel has been a real workhorse. Never gives me any problems at all. I just believe there are better sounding amps out there. Also, the Rotel does not do well when played at low volume levels. I do want an amp that is similar to the Rotel in terms of physical footprint, weight, and having balanced inputs.