Polystyrene diffusers

Has anybody used a polystyrene diffuser like the Aurolex Metro and Q fusor? How effective are they?

I am thinking of using them on my ceiling as they would be easy to attach with double sided tape and not turn deadly when the work themselves lose someday.

I believe both pieces fit into a 2x2 ceiling grid panel, and meet all indoor use regulations.

Yes, they do work. Put them at the first reflection points.
Snofun3, which diffusors have you used?

I am leaning towards Aualex Metrofusors. Are the Q fusors worth the extra $$?

I have used the Metrofusers. I have electrostats, and they also work well behind the speakers to stop beaming off the back wall.
Hello, Look into the Real Traps for better results. Real Traps have better absorption at lower freq which is very important.
Hi Acoustat6

I use R19 rolls in the corners of my room for low frequency absorption. They work great, the bass is very tight and clean.

I know need to get rid of a couple of high(ish) frequency hot spots, hence wanting to use diffusers.