Poll:Best High sensibility or line array speakers

I will be pleased to know which is in your opinion, the best high sensibility(for me means 90dB with a 6-8 ohms)or line array speakers, to be used with Lamm ML 2.1,

Among which I´m interested can be:

DeVore silverback
Zu definition mk 1.5
Hyperion new HPS-968
Intuitive design
Horning Alkibiades
Dali megaline
Epiphany 6+6 or 12+12
VS DB 99
Innersound kaya
Avantgarde uno or duo

I´m a little biased to Pipes, epiphany and Dali, but because what I heard three years ago at the CES, but seems that today there are a lot of new options and new brands .

Another thing important is the relation price/quality, I prefer to owns one speakers that delivers the 97% of quality of sound of the other one that cost twice.

My last two speakers: Avalon eidolon and Kharma exquisite

thanks in advance to all.
I like the Avalon Eidolon a lot. I'd pick it over most of the speakers on your list above.

Okay that being said, based on all too few auditions I'd pick the Pipe Dreams over the Dali Megalines, and I'd pick both over the Epiphanys. The latter really didn't do it for me; every time I've heard 'em they sounded boxy. But I've lived with full-range electrostats for years, so maybe I'm inclined to be unforgiving in that area.

It has been one or two generations since I heard them, but the Intuitive Design Denalis impressed me very much. I would pick them over the Avalons, but then I think they're several times the price.

If I had to pick from your list, I'd probably go with the Avantgarde Duos. I like them very much. If your budget includes the Intuitive Design Denalis, that's what I'd go with (though I think they prefer high power, high current solid state). The larger Pipe Dreams are also excellent, but again I'm not sure your amp is the best match - by far the best I've heard them sound was driven by a mammoth GamuT solid state amp. There are three speakers on your list that I haven't heard.

If I might make a few suggestions, in high efficiency speakers you might consider Classic Audio Reproductions, Edgarhorn, eXemplar, and GedLee. Disclaimer - I sell one of these.

Unfortunately, I don't know what your priorities are, so I can only talk about what I'd pick. Can you let us know a bit more about what qualities you're looking for, and what shortcomings you want to avoid?