Polk audio rt2000p or LSi 25 big difference ?

I currently own Polk Audio's RT2000p speakers.
I am wondering if it is worth it to go to the LSi 25's.
Does anyone know if there is a big difference?
If you like the Polks you have then I would go for the Lsi series. They are very inexpensive due to the release of the LSIM line. I own the POLK Lsi15 and have not seen or heard any reason to get anything else. I have had them for 9 years. I also own the marantz ST6000 and a marantz PM 7200 amp. Am very happy with them all.

I don't like speakers with built in amps (Lsi25), but that's just me. It is a fine speaker. A lot of people seem to like the Lsi15 more. The Lsi15 sells for 499 on amazon. That's almost too good to be true.

The Reason no one comments on your thread, is, because most of the snobs here do not consider your systen worthy of comment. I once asked a question about mine and found out no one was 'familiar' with my stuff. ahahahahahahha

If you are into polk / marantz, you will fine there is no one to talk to on this site. But that is no reason to drink the kool-aid or think the Emperor is wearing clothes. There are other sites with normal people on them. Try the polk forum.

Good luck

Rok2id you are like a ray of sunshine on a dark and dreary day. You sound so intelligent about the query I have and I will probably remember your advice for a long time to come . Thank you
You can check out AVSforum.com too, there is a dedicated Polk owners thread in the speakers forum. I never owned Polks but remember how impressive those SDA-SRS 1.2TL speakers looked. Really wanted to get a pair but too expensive for me back then and they were huge. Polk now is a mass market budget company.
"I never owned Polks "

Nuff said!

Mass Market? you mean, like Ford, GM, Apple, Dell, Panansonic, Sony, Honda, Infiniti, audi, Lexus, BMW, MB, NAD, Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, Vandersteen etc.............. hahahahah

This is what is called the 'Polk knee jerk effect'. No one owns them, but they all have expert opinions on them. Amazing!

Sorry if I said something offensive? You would be better served at
Avsforum, actual owners that would likely help. So no need to waste your
time with us snobs then.
No nothing offensive and your humor is appreciated. As well as your input . Thank you .
"Rok2id you are like a ray of sunshine on a dark and dreary day. You sound so intelligent about the query I have and I will probably remember your advice for a long time to come."


At least we agree on something.
I had the earlier version of your RT2000p - the RT20p. My son now owns them and they are still plugging along. I looked at the LSi25 when I was preparing to upgrade. This was when Tweeter was still in business. $1800/pr was the negotiated price. I did not hear an audible improvement from my RT20p - the bass was muddier in my opinion. I did approve of the WAF of the speaker though. I ended up getting the B&W N804 and still have them in my AV system. The Polk LSi25 are a good speaker for the price. We all have our price points and everyone should repsect that.
Thank you thank you thank you Miner 42. You have put an end to my dilemma between the two.
I can now finally move on and rest easy in my mind knowing their are people like you.
Thank you thank you .