Plinius 9200 vs Moon I-5 LE

Looking for thoughts and opinions about sound quality and compatibility of these integrateds with Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. Also, any comments on specific sonic traits of each amp would be very helpful and most welcome. Thanks,Tom
I would look at the new I-7 since it's power reserves might better suited for a large speaker.I know the w-5LE is a world class amp and competes well above it's price point even when compared to some lofty names in high end. The sound quality is extremely neutral and very dynamic,not to mention a soundstage that you could land a starship on.My friends both have w-5le's and they get fantastic sound not mention all the bragging that I am privileged to hear as well.If you want to get as close to the original signal as possible; then this amp will give you that ability, it steps out of the way and lets the music through just like a freight train.I hope to get a W-8 when money permits(lottery,friend's lottery), but till then.Take care Dennis
I can't comment on the GP's but I'm using a 9200 to drive my new Cremona's (floorstanders) and the synergy is very musical & involving. The 9200 does a fine job of getting you back into the music as opposed to analyzing everything to death. This combination in my context works very well and is very musical instead of analytical. Sure it's detailed, dynamic, etc. but after I got everything dialed in
I just don't obsess over all the audiophile stuff. I think this combo works if your really interested in music as art.
I've been wanting to get off the audiophile merry go round
for years and this has been a major step in the right direction. Hope that helps.