Plinius 9200 and The new Nola Contender

I have a plinius 9200 and heard the Nola contender and love what the speaker offers in performance and value But the dealer is so far away and will not allow a return for a in home audition I was wondering how Plinius gear performs with Nola loudspeakers Has anyone used this type of combo? Results?
May I make a suggestion. Why not take your Plinius 9200 to the dealer and audition the combo there. Just a thought.
Plinius 9100 with Nola Boxer simply awesome!
Agree all the way with Cmalak. By all means, take your 9200 and (your source) to the dealer and connect them to the speakers. This is better than nothing.
Thanks for the feedback I dont have a dealer in the midwest I would have to travel to New Jersey or Calif.
I see these speakers retail for $3400. I use to own the 9200, a very fine integrated. Is it worth it to you to make a weekend of it and travel to this dealer? It's not unheard of, but may be impractical.
Only problem with taking the Plinius is that they (amp) take a good LONG while to get back on song once they've been powered down. That said if it sounds good with the amp pretty much cold it'll sound even better once warmed up.
Excellent point Erikminer; did not think about that. Jreerunn40, let us know what happens.
why not contact Nola and see if they can give you any insights if the Plinius is a fit