plinius 8100 vs moon i5

Have you heard either or both of these integrateds? Which do you like or dislike and why? thanks
The Plinius is more natural sounding, with a better midrange and great dynamics. It also has more power, 150wpc to 60wpc?. You will have more choices when you buy or change seakers. I have owned the Plinius and a Sim W5. For the $$$, the Plinius can't be beat. Used, should be about $1600 or $1700 for an 8100.
I agree with b1bloom. I will add that the levinson 383 will blow both of them into another time zone.
I have owned the Moon I-5 for about 9 months. In my room, it can sometimes be a bit lean. I have heard this from other people on this forum too. However, since changing to warmer interconnects and speaker cables, and adding a Bel Canto DAC 1.1, the Simaudio is now having a chance to show it's true strengths. The I-5 is very good at creating a precise and large soundstage, as well as a convincing and detailed portrayal of voices and instruments. Very, very lifelike.

The choice really depends on your tastes in music and system balance, and what kind of acoustic characteristics your room presents. That being said, I have often read on Audiogon that the Plinius in general is a warmer sounding amp than the Simaudio. And if you're comparing the Plinius 8100 to the I-5, I think the power difference is more like 100 watts versus 70 for the Simaudio. The Plinius 8200 is rated at 175. The I-5 sounds much bigger than 70 watts with my Sonus Faber Concertinos and ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures.

I have heard the Plinius amps but not integrateds only in a store, and they sounded fantastic. I think the choice is dependant on your taste and associated equipment.
Gunbei is correct. The 8200 is 175 wpc. The 8150 is 150 wpc. Sorry for the confusion on my part.