Mac or Plinius?

Okay gentlemen, and ladies, I am stuck between a rock, and A hard place, and I am sure after most of the answers I get on this thread, I will probably be worse off. Seriously, I have been reading these threads for years, and I really respect all of the input given, which has really helped me out. I do know it is a matter of taste, but input is always helpful. I have narrowed my time consuming search down to 4 units, which are from 2 companies. My music varies to most music except rap, hip hop, and country, so in my opinion, my tastes in music are all over the place. My music selection is all cd's,(digital) as I have not touched my record collection since the 70's. I use all cables from frank at signal Cable, which I have ab'd with a lot of other cables, and they really hold their own. I also go back and forth time to time with Analysis plus Oval 9 speaker cables, and Zombie audio Silver interconnects. I would run my power sources Directly to my Consosance 2.2 hybrid cd player, which I believe is a great cd player in the price range. I am looking to upgrade my cd player to the consonance droplet player, which I probably need not do, but you know how that goes. Okay, I am down to these 4 units...Mcintosh 6900, Mac 6500, Plinius sa102, or the Plinius 9200....Any input would help Greatly...Thanks again, Blane Sorry, I forgot to mention, that my speakers are diy's, which consist of 2 way monitors, 2 way, and three way floor standers, and Jm Reynaud Twin mk3's....sensivity range from 88 to 91....Thanks again, and any help REALLY would be great....Blane
My vote goes to the MA6500 (I had one in my system). It has an amazing amount of power and great transparency with plenty of detail and dynamics. Easier to move and less costly than the 6900 with very little given up in terms of sound quality IMO.

If you can try the Plinius 9200. It is a very nice sounding unit, i own one and love it. It has nice detail, great bass is very dynamic and a nice phono section IMO, plus it only weighs about 30lbs. It currently powers my Aerial Model 8 loudspeakers. I like this unit so much,i sold my separates which were Sonic Frontiers and Classe.
My preference would be the Plinius 9200. I agree with Brian27b's remarks.
My vote goes to the Plinius 9200. The are currently running my Gallo Reference 3s (88db sensitivity) effortlessly.
This amp provides mids and highs to die for while anchoring down the bottom end. Some people have described it as set like. I don't know if I'd go that far but it's a damn fine integrated. Can be found used here for around $2200. At that price it's an absolute steal.
In my setup the Plinius was better than the McIntosh. I had the 9200 and the McIntosh MA 6900. The Plinius was more refined, smoother, better quality low end. The MA6900 in my system was one dimensional.