Please suggest pet names for the audiophile:

So far I plan to name

bulldog -- Woofer
parakeet -- Tweeter
cat -- DJ
python -- Kimber
parrot -- Martin Logan.

Please share your experiences and suggestions.
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More to come:
Cow -- MMMelody
Donkey -- Neil Young.
Turtle: Cablediff?
Snail: Fusediff?
Mole: Ampdiff?
Cricket: Soundstager.
Crow or Raven: Audiocritic.
Rooster: Heil.
Ape: DAC.
Chimp: NOSDAC.
Baboon: Upsample.
Cheetah: Impedance.
Frog: Octave.
Peacock: Imager.
Owl: Marantz
Eagle: Pass
Do-Do: Bose

I was bored,
Daughter: Bloom
Wife: WAF(fy)
Dog: Schitt
Cat: KT88
Dead composers.. Name your dashhound Beethoven
Name your pet turtle Mahler

Famous opera stars.. Name your miniature poodle Maria Callas.(good name for a cat too.)

Rock bands.. Name your parakeet Supertramp
Jazz artists... Name your Iguana Miles Davis

Brand names you love... Name your pet monkey Sony

Ohm, Great name for a gerbil or hamster
Watts Good name for a German Shepard
Voltage, call your parrot this
harmonic distortion, for your ferret

Score, Name for a pit bull terrier
sharp, name for a siamese fighting fish
fortissimo, name for a bullforg
pianissimo name for a canary

Long play: good name for a horse
Baboon: Upsample
Cat: KT88 -- LOL!

Bee Hive -- Joseph
Horse for Kentucky Derby -- B&W N series.