Please Give Me an Audiogon World

More praise for Audiogon -- I love everything about this site and community!

Perhaps it is because I have participated in this forum for so long, but I love the format -- I find it logical, intuitive, easy to navigate and fast! The changes and innovations to the site usually make sense to me.

Is the format and user interface typical for other subjects on the web, is Audiogon unusually good, or am I just used to it because I have visited this site about 50 million times?

I would love to find a similar forums devoted to some of my other favourite subjects: Porsches and Ferraris, sleight of hand, behavioural economics and the psychology of financial markets, but many of the user groups I stumble into on the web seem tedious and arcane compared to our favourite Audiogon.

Are any of you equally well versed in finding bulletin boards, forums or internet user groups for other subjects? Perhaps because I spend all my time here and on ebay, I just haven't figured out how to do it.

I would appreciate any tips from internet gurus -- I just want my whole world to look and feel like Audiogon!

Thank you.
cwlondon was pretty good a few years ago but was changed to a pay site, so I no longer visit them.

No audio site I know of can equal Audiogon. Audio Asylum is so confusing that I've visited maybe a dozen times in the last three years. I literally hate going there.

Audiogon is clean, fast and easy to navigate. Information may be found by date, subject, poster and category.

Locating specific information on other web sites, even large commercial sites such as Microsoft and Apple are much more confusing in my opinion. Audiogon offers easy and free exchange of ideas about music, equipment and even solving problems.
Try some Zoloft!! Then the outside world feels everybit as nice as the Audiogon World!! Just Kidding!!
Some other offerings like Agon would be great!! I have met some of the finest people here with common interests.. I suppose that we are lucky to have at least one site like this to spend our days on!!
Have a nice holiday weekend!