Please forgive me...

I understand completely that this is not at all an audiophile question, but would you humor me in the spirit of holidays and friendship?

I have a friend who is looking for an MP3 player. I have no experience whatsoever with them, but I thought that maybe a *few* of you would have deigned to purchase one at some point as a third or fourth method of listening to music.

Can anyone recommend a brand or model?

Many guilty and blushing thanks...
The Apple iPod has the highest market share of MP3 players.,32

I hoped you're humored.
I bought my daughter an Apple IPod for Christmas. You can load up to 4000 songs on it. I want it back. She just laughs. Great device!
No question, the iPod is the leader currently, tho it's a bit pricey. It's several notches above the competition if you have a Mac, but it's the leader even if you don't.