Playing old reel to

I've got a bunch of 15ips 10 inch reels of music I recorded in the 1970s. I've not played them in over 20 years. I'd like to transcribe them to CDRs but am afraid they will disintigrate on the first play. Any suggestions on how to handle them? I've heard about baking them in an oven for a while to return the elasticity to the acytate and or mylar coating. I'm open to suggestions.
I have been using reel to reel tape since the 1960's and have baked a number of tapes over the years. Go to and Good luck, hope this helps. There ia also more information on the links section of both articles.
Keis, I'm just curious, who have you recorded?
Before you run off and start baking tapes, you need to know what kind of tape it is that you have. Many tapes from that era don't require baking, and should work just fine provided that they were properly stored. The problem tapes from that era are primarily Ampex 406, 407, 456 and 457. If you are using Scotch, BASF, TDK or Maxell, you should be fine, and any tape which is not back-coated should be fine. I have many tapes that are as much as 40 years old, which play just fine.