Playing 45 rpm on VPI Scoutmaster

I have a stock VPI Scoutmaster. I love everything about it except for one thing. It is a real challenge to play 45's on it. The acrylic platter makes does not have any "grip" and the hold down clamp is useless for large records. Can anyone recommend a good turntable mat to use for playing 45's on this turntable?
...if you're talking of the old rock 'n roll 45's, go to your local Home Depot, and get that ruberized kind of shelf paper/stuff. It looks kind of like basket weaved rubber speghetti. Cut an appropriate sized circle - the diameter of your turntable platter, cut a hole for the 45 adapter, and you're in business.
I thought about doing just that. I need something thin. I tried using a mat from an old turntable, but it's too thick and the arm lift won't let the stylus clear.

Looked around the house and found some shelf liner. Doesn't look all that great, but it's getting the job done.