Plasma TV reviews

Looking for reviews of Plasma TV's, to see how the compare to each other.
Look through back issues of TPV, and SGHT.
they are getting cheaper and better,however they ain't all the way yet.Starting at 15grand the largest is only about45inches,maybe 50 but that is small if you are watching as 4.3(reg tv)leaves the ends of the screen blank.And there is a lot of to watch.(with blank ends.An expensive club to join.You can be 1st on your block,but all you get is bragging rights,(if that is important),go for it!
IMHO, "bragging rights" are for those with Runco/Faroujda front projectors/line quadruplers, and everybody else is just "watching tv"...Not that I have these, but let's be real about what REAL "home theater" is.
I have used plasma displays for years and can tell you that the image quality is not on par with the money spent. While prices HAVE been dropping and a 42" NEC plasma display can be had for as little as $5000, they are still a novelty rather than a serious display device. The exception being Pioneers 52" HD plasma display. The resolution of this unit is the only one I'd actually consider putting in my home. But at $25,000, you'd be better off with a CRT projector. Even though the manufacturing process is more refined than it was with the first generation models, it is still not uncommon to have 1 or 2 defective pixels in the display. When you think of the millions of gas filled pockets that make up the display surface, this is not suprising. If you are looking for a serious WOW factor, plasmas are still the way to go. If you are interested in image quality and the least bit discerning; you will be very disappointed in all but the most expensive units.