Plasma Bracket for above Fireplace question???

Does anyone know who makes a bracket that you can use to hang a plasma above the fireplace but that allows you to move the plasma away from the wall and lower it in front of the fireplace. That would lower the plasma to a lower level more in line with our line of sight. Thanks!
There are various brackets available. Vantage, Pivotelli.Draper look on the net.. Pioneer and others recommend not putting a plasma tv over a fireplace that will be put to use.Plasma tv's are heat sensitive devices that is why many have fans. I know this from previous manufacturers training seminars..Tom
I would never have a plasma unit above, or anywhere near an active fireplace.
I know exactly what you're talking about. Many electronic retail stores use bracket from Peerless Industry, which you can find on the internet for an amount substantially less than MRSP found in local electronic stores. For specific models, please click on the link below. Good luck.
Take a sponge and wipe the wall above your fireplace. You might find the sponge comes up dirty or sooty, even if the wall looks clean. Now imagine that film on the screen. The plasma unit may retain some charge even when turned off that would make it even more attractive for smoke particles/soot. Like Unclejeff, I have misgivings about the location.
Hey Mwilsin, and here I was only talking about the heat. Well said!