Pioneer S-3EX vs. Von Schweikert VR 33

Both speakers are almost the same price. Has anyone ever made a comparison? Both company's brag about all the new technology built in to their speakers but what about the sound? Which one is better and why?
I have Rogue 180 Mono-blocks, which speaker will react better with tubes?
I haven't heard the Pioneer, but the Rogue Cronus Magnum was a very good match for the VR33s.

I drive mine with either a 32 watt Class A Melody MK88 or a 155 watt (actually 200+) Solid State Redgum RGi120ENR.
Thank you Gopher for the reply. You should post some pictures of your VR 33 setup. You have a very esoteric collection of gear.
I have not heard either speaker. I own a modified pair on Von Scweikert vr 35 and they are simply stunning. Albert Von Schweikert builds incredible speakers! Call and talk to him, he is very personable.
Thankful, I have no doubt that Mr.Albert Von Schweikert will only have good things to say about his speakers, however I'm looking for comparisons from owners and not the opinion of the manufacturer.
I've been meaning to, but my listening area is also my living room where my young son plays. One of these days I'll collect up his toys and snap a couple pics.

I do need a nice rack to show case some of the attractive gear like my Melody and Kuzma turntable, but for now I'm using a $150 a/v hutch we bought at target. Not particularly sturdy, but its easy to keep the little man away from the contents.
I have heard both. It depends on what you are listening for. The vr-33 and vr-35 require about 10" from the back wall. Both are stunning in sound. What I can appreciate is that the vr series use the best components available. Including the crossovers. I have a dedicated listening room designed for music reproduction. My main rig utilizes solution amps and a United Audio reel to reel as a primary source. The speakers sell in excess of ^$100,000. My second system...and the one I continuously end up listening to the my vr-35 system. I did extensive listening and found the vr 33 just sound better than the pioneers. As a matter of fact, the sound of the vr-33 is closer to the S-1EX as far a dynamics, imaging, and the all critical midrange, where voices live. The VR-35's exceed it. The Pioneer TAD reference one loudspeaker is of course fairly untouchable. The quest involves listening. Each of us listens differently....that is why there are a plethora of loudspeakers. If I had a choice.....and i can make make any choice i want. If you are looking at the $6500.00 S-3EX's.....go for the VR-35's. You will be brought to your knees. Another loudspeaker that has the same effect is the Gemme Audio Tanto Carbon. Just a wonderful loudspeaker and soul inspiring. Loudspeakers should move your emotions. I can honestly attest to the fact that the VRs and the Gemme Audio's reach this level.
I bought the Pioneers for a few reasons. They sound fantastic and they are very well built. The Von Schweikert VR-33's build might be as good but the Pioneers have a 5 year warranty as opposed to a 3 year warranty on the Von Schweikert VR-33's. I like the fact that the Pioneers are enclosed. I have a room with 9 foot ceiling and about 16 .5 by 14 foot room. My only problem is that I can't figure out the right place for them yet and they are a bit hard to move. I got the $6500 Pioneer speakers on sale for $4300, so I think I did just fine. I do wish I had listened to the Von Schweikert VR-33's but nobody has a pair near me in Wash DC.

Roguemodle, when you say the Von Schweikert VR-33 sounded better then the Pioneer S3-EX did you listen to them in the same room as the Von Schweikert VR-33's and was the same equipment used to back it up?