Pioneer Elite PDR-99 system problem

I own a Pioneer Elite PDR-99 CD recorder, which I bought used two years ago and which has worked perfectly--until this week, when I began getting a blinking "check" message whenever I inserted a CD. The CDs aren't the problem--I get the same response when trying brand new CDs, blank CDs, and other CDs that play without any problem in my back-up player. According to the manual the cause is "a system error that occurred due to noise of static electricity." It advised unplugging the power cord and plugging it in again, which didn't work even when I experimented with other power strips or wall sockets. Any ideas? Any notion of the repair cost?
I have a Pioneer CDR.....sometimes when it acts funky , the solution is to just press The Play button , let the disc play for twenty, thirty seconds, and see if operation thereafter returns to normal. Works for me, good luck.
Try one of the Belkin $30 power strips/surge protectors , available at any Staples or COMP USA. It is amazing how these strips clean up the power. If this fails to help out your Pioneer, you still have a superb power strip.

Regards, Rich

I never used mine much for recording, but as a transport
it got some usage. I began to experience some drop outs
on playback ( and recording ). Had it checked out and
they wanted $500 bucks to replace the laser. I never did
have it replaced. It spent 2 years in the closet, now it's
back out, but only on the night stand as a headphone player
to fall asleep to. Never had the "check" message. I really
should have it fixed before the laser part goes extinct.

Joe T.