Pin Schematic For DIY HDMI Cables?

Hey 'Goners!

Let your video genius and knowledge shine through! I would like to DIY an HDMI cable, but one that serves ONLY for video signal transfer (audio is processed separately using the 'audio out' jacks from the player to my sound system.) What are the best connectors and wire for this VIDEO-ONLY application, and most importantly, where can I get a schematic showing the HDMI cable connector pin pattern, specifically the functions of each pin connector and MOST ESPECIALLY which pins are needed for video transfer? I do NOT want audio or other non-video related signal pins hooked up, I just want to make a video cable that will ONLY send the necessary video information from my player to my TV via the HDMI interface. ALL of the other pin connectors which provide functions extraneous to video reproduction will be eliminated from the design. My guess is that such a cable should yield good visual benefits. I'll report back with results once a functional HDMI connector is made. It will be compared to some cheap and a few more expensive HDMI designs, as many as my friends and I can manage. Should be fun!

Of course, any other advice you "Goner video experts would offer is also appreciated. Thank you all!

Also, I'm not a tech-guy, so "KISS!" (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) The level of a budding neophyte videophile should do (i.e., the level of a clever twelve year old! That way, if I get confused I can have my 'clever' twelve year old son figure it out for me!)

Thus, I ask you 'Goners for help. Thanks for all of your anticipated assistance and advice.

That is pretty much just a DVI cable with adaptor.
Chadnliz said it. It already exists as a DVI cable and HDMI adapters.
If you are talking about fabricating your own cables I would recommend against it. The wire and connection surface in modern computer/video cables is tiny and would be extremely difficult to construct. Just by a quality cable.
HDMI cables are not just DVI cables with a different connector. The construction, geometry and number of wires is different, to my understanding.

Further, the wire gauge used in commercially available HDMI models is around 23 or 25 gauge or so, which poses no problems for anyone with a fine tip soldering iron and steady hands. Leave the worrying to me about that, Timrhu. I make my own cables all the time. I was just hoping someone would pass along the connector pin diagram with explanatory notes. I am SURE that once I get the proper info, I'll make a cable that will likely outperform most conventional designs. There are certain things cable makers don't do (or don't do well, more specifically) because of cost and production constraints. Further, I have some unique design philosophies not represented by the mainstream manufacturers, which should provide a fine comparison to these more conventional designs. Yes, DIYs can be time consuming and laborious, but I am retired, so I have the time to waste.

Thanks for the posts, but I will not be dissuaded so easily on my quest. I look forward to an informed, like-minded individual sharing their experience and knowledge with me, and they can rest assured I will likewise share my findings with them once the cable is made and compared to commercially available stuff. Maybe the commercially available stuff will blow away my efforts. Hasn't happened yet on the audio side when I DIY cables; I see no reason not to try on the video side of things, as well. And if I come up with something good, well, share and share alike is what I say!
Allrighty then!
I guess you told us! :)

How do you go from "I'm not a tech guy" to "I have some unique design philosophies"?
I meant no disrespect but your original post lead me to believe you were a novice DIYer

Also, I'm not a tech-guy, so "KISS!" (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) The level of a budding neophyte videophile should do (i.e., the level of a clever twelve year old! That way, if I get confused I can have my 'clever' twelve year old son figure it out for me!)

I also build my own cables but my eyesight and hands aren't as steady as yours because I wouldn't attempt those cables. Best of luck with the project.
Winston, how about this;
Thanks Gents!

'Goners are the BEST! Hey, you all may be right and it might be useless to DIY this, but why not try? And if it kicks ass, I'll share the design.

No, I'm not a techie guy. No EE knowledge, no nothing. Just what I can pick up from you folks who are the real experts. I do know audio insofar as reducing distortions through sound engineering (vibration absorption, shielding, etc. No rocket science, I can assure you!) are concerned. But video? I'm lost, plain and simple. Completely ignorant. Dumber than a box of rocks, as they say. But I can learn, and I want to.

Thanks Ronnjay! I will definitely check that out. Looks great.

I could be wrong about differences between DVI and HDMI, but all that extra wire and signal for audio just makes me think there is a better way. I'll try and use only high grade wires, connectors, and shield the snot out of these puppies, grounding same and spacing the foil shield at least a half an inch away from the conductors using cotton batting to roll up the wires in for the spacing. That's it. Nothing brilliant. Just great parts and excellent shielding, all with room for the signals to breathe. That's all. Nothing magic or Einsteinian about it. No secret plans for world video cableing domination. Honest.

So yes, I really am a video novice, just trying to apply what I learned in audio. Maybe they don't correspond well. I hope I can come up with a better mousetrap, but we'll see. I might just fail miserably and end up buying what you 'Goners say is the best HDMI cable for the money. That would be fine, too. But I just want to give this a try and see if it works. That's all.

Thanks for all your posts, guys. They really are appreciated!


You were right and I was wrong! No way will I attempt a DIY HDMI cable, not until I get a degree in digital engineering! Man, oh, man! I checked out the HDMI patent and some very illuminating articles I found using Google. These idiots screwed everything up! They have so many different signals crammed into these tiny wires, that if you mess up even the tiniest thing, --BLAMMO!-- no video or audio! And they are PROUD of how they engineered all this stuff into a tiny cableing package (which, in turn, screwed up the video AND audio for folks who want the FINEST --and not the EASIEST-- cable system to use and set up!)

I certainly can't do what I wanted to: get rid of extraneous signal other than that required for video only. I've seen an HDMI vs DVI shootout years ago, and DVI blew it away! That was the real reason for my DIY quest. But that is over now. Like with Betamax, the winner (HDMI) is actually inferior to what came before it (DVI), from a purist's perspective on video. Oh, well!

You guys were absolutely right not to waste my time. Thanks for the advice, but I had to find out if it was possible. It may still be possible, but I can't do it.

So, let me ask: what HDMI cables do you guys recommend and why? I've seen the websites for Wireworld (Silver Starlight 5(2)), for Better Cables (the HDMI Reference Silver Serpent) and the Blue Jeans Cable (what? $21 or so? Now THAT'S inexpensive! And it looks good, too? YO, MAMA! Gotta LOVE it!) They all look so very nice, especially those lower priced jobs from BJC and BC. But the flat design of the Wireworld looks very, very intriguing (although the $300 price tag is much less intriguing than the others'!)

Well, what do you gentlemen think? Anyone else wish to chime in? Anyone seen all three in a side-by-side shoot-out?

Thanks! It's all appreciated so very much.

Don't know about their HDMI offering but I have ordered more than once from Bluejeanscable. My experience is this, fantastic service and nice products at reasonable prices. At the price you mention the BJC seems worth a try.
Damned straight, Timrhu! Thanks for the info and the post. I'm on it after the holidays. Will keep you posted. May order all three brands mentioned and the Audioquest cable, too. You know, have a big shoot-out once my TV arrives in early January. I ordered a Pioneer FD-150, the big 60'' Kuro job that is getting good ink everywhere. Saw their 50" non-elite model and was impressed. So this should be very informative. Personally, I'm rooting for the little guys, as is my wallet! I took a major hit on the Pioneer; hope it's worth it! 'Cause I'm gonna be livin' with it for a lo-o-o-o-ong while. (Hopefully I will have paid off the credit card bill by then!)

Thanks for all your help!

Merry X-mas!
HDMI is a cable for some reason that really does not matter if it is a pretty budget offering or a super expensive esoteric model.......DONT SPEND A LOT OF CASH!
Thanks! I'll keep it in mind, Chadnliz. You may be 100% right. Gonna order a BJC right NOW, in fact. So if you'll excuse me ............
It's ordered! Can't wait! Thanks for the heads up. $30 bucks for a two meter jobbie. AWESOME! Hope it's a great cable. Should know in a few weeks after TV delivery (which was pushed back by the dealer a week, in a call just minutes ago). I'll keep you posted.

Happy Listening!