Picture/sound out of sync?

I have just installed a Dwin Transvision 2 projector and the picture and sound seem to be out of sync. I would guess that the picture is about 2 or 3 frames behind the sound. I am running component cables from my NAD T531 DVD player directly to the Dwin. I am running the sound by coaxial cable directly from the DVD player to a NAD T752 receiver. I have just bought everything new, but the DVD player is not progressive scan, as I was told that the Dwin would do the job better. Would a progressive scan DVD player make a difference?
Has anybody else encountered a sync problem like this, or have any bright ideas how to fix it?
I've had that same problem in the past with a Sony DVD player. It was fixable in the DVD programing. I'm not sure what you have to work with (software) But I'm sure if you fiddle with it you'll be able to fix the problem.

Good luck
I have solved the problem by buying a Denon receiver that can delay the sound by as much as 200 milliseconds. I have delayed my sound by 80ms (about three frames) and it puts the picture in sync. It seems that video projectors with line processors like the Dwin, can delay the image, thereby putting it out of sync. I think the industry is starting to realize this and more receivers are going to offer this delay feature. For example, the new Rotel coming out next month will have sound delay.
Scalers will typically delay the video about 2 frames from what I have seen. It cannot operate in real time because you need this frame plus the next to see how to de-interlace the video properly for 3:2 pulldown. Even scaling alone will likely have some delay in it as well, since it takes the processor a few milliseconds to convert the scane rates.