Phono stage to match the EMT TSD-15 SFL ?

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I own now for several years an EMT 950 BBC/929/TSD15SFL with great pleasure. I'm trying to optimize the sound. Borrowed from Dusch the upgraded MC card, but for me it did not improve sound much. Now I bought from Dusch the cable to connect the TSD directly with a phono stage and I was wondering which stage to start working with? Any suggestions (current set-up = AR REF3, Kronzilla SX, Vivid Audio K1, cable all Cardas GR)

Cheers, Broederen
I have had my TSD-15 for a a few months now. IMO, it's a great cartridge for the money. Perhaps a Leben phono stage with the Auditorium 23 step-up would be worth exploring.
I would contact a Leben dealer, as they all seem to have EMT as well.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to persue this route!


Maybe try the EMT 139st and its seperate power supply new made by Van Vliet?