Phono preamps 1-2K range

I have Plinius electronics with the preamp being the M16 with phono board. I am considering upgrading to a separate phono stage and would like to stay in the 1-2K price range. The issue is whether or not the sonics will be worth the step up or will I need to spend more to get substantially better sound. My tt is a Rega P25 with Benz Glider and speakers are Hales Rev 3's. Thanks
I have a Lehmann Audio Black Cube with the new outboard power supply, which sells for under $900. You should definitely consider this unit before you spend more.
I’ve extensively auditioned a Benz Lukaschek phono stage and a Musical Surroundings Phonomena phono stage in my home system. The Benz Lukaschek was clearly superior to the Phonomena in three dimensional imaging, smoothness, and detail (as it should be at twice the price). The lukaschek is an outstanding phono stage that you may well want to audition since you have a Benz cartridge.

I cannot be sure how much improvement the Lukaschek will offer compared to your Plinius M16 which I have not heard, but I would guess that it may be significant because the Lukaschek will not leave you wanting for much.

I am also shopping for a phono stage and want to hear other contenders before I make my final decision. I’ve researched the internet and understand that the following phono stages, which I have not heard, all offer very good performance:

EAR 834
Acoustech PH –1
Audio Research PH3 and PH3SE
Audiomat Phono 1
Klyne 7PX3.5
Krell KPE and KPE reference

I would appreciate any comments about these phono stages – especially from those who can compare them against each other and against the Lukaschek which is my current reference until I hear better.

My system:

NOS Fidelity Research MC201 cartridge ( 0.12 mv output )
Rega planar 3 turntable ( to be upgraded soon )
Sim Audio Moon I5 amplifier
Spendor SP 1/2 speakers
I love the sound of my BAT VK-P5. I had a $5000 Aesthetix Io and could not justify the additional $$$ and maintenance $$$ for a VERY small improvement in soundstage. The P5 retails at $2k and can be found used for $1200 or so.
IMHO there is only one choice in this range that stands heads and sholders above the rest - the Sonic Frontiers Phono One SE. Can be had from underwoodwally on Audiogon for less than 2K. It is absolutely marvelous. I have previously owned or tried the Phono One (non-SE), ARC PH-3SE, Black Cube and Rowland Cadence. The Phone One SE is far superior to all of those (and I am and have been a loyal Rowland user for over 10 years).

Good Luck