Phono Preamp-Nothing you like so Build your own?

If I'm going to have to spend more than a thousand bucks to get a phono preamp that I like, I'd just as soon build it myself. It will be less expensive and I'll be able to choose my own components to get the sound I like. Does anybody else feel that way, and if so, how did it work out for you?
Right now I'm leaning towards a solid state unit based on the OPA627 with PIO caps and a very regulated power supply.
I highly recommend a tube design by Stephen Robinson. The circuit is described in detail on his website. It can be built for less than $1000 (or for much more depending on choice of capacitors).
Heyraz, if you are doing DIY I think you will find you can do a lot better than designing around an opamp. Have you looked at

Food for thought: if you set up a zero feedback circuit, even though it has the same bandwidth as a circuit with feedback, you will experience less ticks and pops.
If you don't feel up to tackling a built-from-scratch project, there's always the Audio Note kit phono. I haven't heard it but it looks interesting and seems to be a good value.
Yes, I did. See my post at:
Take a look at the K and K kits. I've built two and have been very pleased.
Bottlehead kits. I have the Seduction, around $500 with some upgrades and sounds great. The Eros is supposed to be significantly better, for $750.
I second the K and K phono amp kit ( max-out version).