Phono Preamp Advice

I'm a novice when it comes to these forums, so hopefully I'm framing my questions effectively. I recently upgraded my Rega Brio 3 integrated to a new Roksan Kandy K2. I have a large collection of vinyl and wanted a versatile amp with a decent phono stage. Turntable is a Musical Hall MMF5 with a Audio Techinca AT150MLX cartridge. Speakers are Paradigm Studio 60's. I was very pleased with the upgrade in sound from my digital sources but found my LPs sadly lacking in dynamic balance, high end and bass clarity. After allowing some time for the Kandy to break in and still being disappointed in the phono sound, I hooked up the Brio 3 integrated as a "phono preamp" to the Kandy using the Brio's tape out and, voila, my vinyl sounds fantastic. Couple questions:

1. I gave the phono stage in Kandy about 30 hours of break-in before i tried the alternate set-up. The Kandy itself has had about 100 hours. Is this enough time for a decent valuation, or am I simply dealing with a phono stage in the Kandy that just doesn't work with my setup, room and preferences.

2. Despite my initial intention of having an "all in one" integrated, it looks like I may be in the market for a phono stage, since I'm otherwise quite pleased with the Kandy at this point and am not all that interested in continuing to use the Brio as a preamp. Any recommendations ($200-400 range) based on the set up I've described and what I've experienced with the stages in the Kandy/Brio?
You liked the sound of the Rega, why not try one of Rega's phono stages, they are all highly rated.
Considering that you can currently purchase a new Rega Brio 3 for $500 (meaning that the used ones will now sell for $300, or so) keep the Brio 3 as a backup main amp and use it as a phono preamp while doing so.

If you switch from an AT pickup, to something else, down the line (or another deck ) then try the Roksan phono preamp again.
have had very good results from the Moon product and also a couple of the clearaudio products. They are fairly small ane easy to incorporate into a system. This would also give your greater future flex when considering potential upgrades to your cart which may not be truly reflected with your existing phonstage.May also give you greater flex in terms of cart loading and settings.
Highly recommend a Graham Slee Era Gold V.
Although a little out of your budget it is a giant killer among phono stages IMHO. Compared favourably to my Herron VTPH-3 and Boulder 1008 and was certainly not disgraced by them.