phono preamp advice

currently own a sutherland PH-3D phono pre.
looking to upgrade, looking for adivice in a recomendation in the 1500-2000 range. listen to mostly rock with occasional jazz. like the sutherland but feel it is a little to polite when playing rock.
using an LFD mkIIII int amp< vpi jr. turntable with a dorian mc cartridge
Check out the Minimax of feedback
For the direction you are suggestion, I would get a used Pass Xono. Much more dynamic, drive, resolution and more solid bass than even the Sutherland Ph.D. For a more tubelike presentation with slightly less drive and less resolution the Arc PH3 SE is very good too.
Tron Seven. If you are UK based then the PhoNote from Noteworthy in Aylesbury is a cut-down version of the same at under £2k Sterling.
can anyone comment on the simaudio 5.3 or the ps audio phono stage vs the sutherland ph-3d ?
A friend of mine just bought an Acqvox and has really been enjoying it. At the top end of your budget.

If you don't mind tubes and stretching your budget just a little the K&K Audio SE is a really fine phono stage. I owned one and my rock collection didn't suffer. Excellent bass and very quiet phono stage.