Phono preamp

Recently got back into the vinyl realm thanks to my wife. She surprised me with a Rega P3 and a Rega phono preamp (little black box). My front end consists of a Classe CA-2300 amp and CP-800 pre. I am looking at replacing both pieces with a McIntosh MA-9000 integrated with onboard mm/mc capabilities. My question does the onboard phono section in the McIntosh compare to the Rega phono pre?
Odds are its quite a bit better. But what is the point? If you get the Mac you get its stage and will know soon enough. 

FYI, I am a big integrated guy but never could for the life of me understand why anyone thinks they need a 300wpc integrated. Especially not when you can for a fraction of the price have a Raven Nighthawk AND a Herron VTPH2A AND a couple terrific power cords and interconnects that will run rings around the Mac. I mean you are talking splitting hairs on mediocre at best phono stages when you could for less money have a full-on world class phono stage- and a much better amp to boot. For like HALF the money.