Phono Pre Kit Builders:Thoughts & Recommendations

I see a few different phono preamp kits and designs out there and am interested in opinions and comparisons before I jump in. I am currently using a modified Grado PH1 based on the OPA2134 opamp (originally it had a NJM4556AD) and love the sound. BTW, since I changed the op-amp, I am hearing things on my records that I never heard before (Pink Floyd WYWH for example). This is a very simple, straightforward design with lovely results. I plan on rolling other op-amps into the PH1 because it will be cheap enough, but would also like to try out other design philosophies as well. Other designs have multiple stages, split stages, discrete components, etc.. I am interested in opinions, reviews and comparisons, mainly because I don't want to waste my time and money only to end up with a lateral "upgrade". The Hagerman Bugle is something I have considered, as well as the Boozhound Labs BHL JFET Phono Preamp kit. Either of them are cheap enough to build and audition myself, but I'd rather get some opinions first. Tube based kit recommendations are also welcome.
Associated equipment: Grado Statement Sonata1 low output (0.5mv) cartridge (so I need at least 50 db gain). Sound Valves VTP 101 preamp (which has phono section using three 12ax7's but doesn't have enough gain for my cartridge), an Aragon 2004 power amp and Large Advent Speakers. I like to listen to rock and classical music, and I like the sound crisp, punchy and smooth, which is why I believe in mixing solid state and tube equipment.
I have not built any phono preamps but have u considered the Jolida tube phono preamp. It is 495 dollars new and has adustments for different cartridges. I have thought about buying one myself. Shay
I built a Bugle and it was terrific at 40 dB but pretty noisy at 60 dB, and Jim Hagerman said it really wasn't designed for high gain. I didn't have any medium output cartridges like your Grado, so I never tried it in the mid 50s. It might work, but I'd advise caution.

I now own the Jolida JD9 recommended by Shay123, and it's dead silent even at the highest gain setting. It also allows for rolling op amps; I have OPA637s in it right now and they were a major improvement. Of course, even used it's way more money than the Bugle.

I have not heard either the Bugle or JD9, and therefore have been unable to compare either to a stock Grado PH1.
I would be interested in in hearing from someone who has compared the PH1 to other preamps and can offer a detailed review. Please remember, the Grado PH1 is the preamp to beat, and one thing in it's favor is ease of modification, at least for me at this point.
I built a Tetra (phono)/Aikido (line) stage preamp with help from Roy Mottram of Roy also was VERY helpful during the build process. Roy had compared several preamps (incl. his own design) and put the Aikido on top. I can only say that my preamp accurately, cleanly, and wonderfully transfers sound from the source to my amp.

One thing to consider is that the tubes you choose to use WILL affect the sound. I can't afford the best NOS tubes so am using some tested good, used tubes in my preamp. They made a difference. A good and trusted dealer in tubes is important.