Phono amp recommendation for both mm & mc

There are several threads regarding phono amps but still could not find compatible advice.

I currently have a Thorens TD-160 with all the usual upgrade mods.....dampening, tonearm (TP-16) rewire, isolation cones, etc. I'm using a AT-150mlx cartridge with a Rogue Audio Stealth phono amp. I would like to upgrade the phono amp knowing that down the road (1-2 yrs) I will upgrade table to VPI Classic and begin running MC's. So, to my question.....I would like advice/suggestions on upgrading my phono amp to accomodate my current situation as well as accomodating my future requirements. I have always bought used on agon with satisfaction. My budget is $1200.00 range.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
What if you change your mind later and upgrade to different turntable? And you say MC, that's very general statement. If I were you I would leave everything as it is now. Turntable upgrade comes first, then cartridge and phono stage.
Unless you find good deal on a used phono stage, $1,200 isn't going to buy you enough of an upgrade to get excited about. At retail, going from a $900 to $1200 product is usually a lateral move unless there is some system incompatibility. I'd agree with Inna, wait until you've actually purchased a new table and cartridge.
Jolida JD9 will accomodate both for about $400.00
Hi, Freddy50; I agree with Inna and Photon46, keep the Rogue Audio Stealth and upgrade later. I've been running a Stealth with low output moving coil cartridges for many years and for the money the Stealth is a very good phono preamp. It has plenty of gain using a 0.3 mV cartridge and a fairly wide range of resistance settings (70, 100, 300, 1.1k, & 47.0k Ohms) for LOMC cartridges.

I have a general impression that it is more psychologically difficult for most people here to upgrade turntable/tonearm than cartridge and phono stage. Agreed, it is often a more expensive upgrade but not always by much or at all.