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I have a Mac Mini/USB/Dac/iTunes.

I was informed that it is best to have a external SSD (OCZ Vertex 120G) that would be used to rip CD's with as this would give me a better overall performance during playback. True?

Anyone have any listening time with the Amarra vs. iTunes?
iTunes is convenient but not a great sounding player. For Mac, you should try
a free software called "Play". It's interface is pretty primitive but
IMHO, it is the best sounding player I have tried on Mac.

I have never tried Amarra. It is expensive. But if it really does as advertised, it
should be a great player.

BTW, in case you can't find it, Play can be downloaded here:

The big thing with ripping in iTunes is to be sure you have error correction turned on.

People are generally putting the SSD in the Mac Mini itself and ripping the music library to an external traditional HD connected via USB or Firewire. The cost and capacities of SSD are not yet to a point where storing all of your music on them is practical for most of us. As for using SSD in the Mac Mini, reports are mixed as to whether or not there is a sonic benefit. Other tweaks for the Mac Mini running as server: max out the RAM, turn off Spotlight.