PHILIPS Transports: Problems w/CDM 12.4

Who has knowledge of the CDM-9 (used in alot of high end players in late 80's to early 90's), & the CDM-12.4 (mid-90's, used in SFT-1 transport & others).

I was told that the transport following the CDM-9 (which I think was the CDM-12) was breaking down & was not very good. Don't count on finding anyone at Philips to talk to about transports. I spent an inordinate amount of time today trying to get a technical person at Philips to shed some light on this, to no avail. Most of Philips' main service facilities will not allow you to speak to technicians, & don't give you any help whatsoever.
Is it really wise to buy older CD players? Philips has indicated that laser life on the CDM-9, e.g., is about 3,500 hrs. If an enthusiastic music listener plays CDs 4 hrs. a day , at 5 days per week, the laser would be used up in 3-1/2 years!

Just looking for some advice, since I'm contemplating buying a transport/player. Perhaps the Pioneer Stable Platter mechanism is the best choice here for longevity, I don't know.
Ive had good luck with the cdm9. It was used in a lot of audio products. I have 3 transports that use it and have never had a problem. There is a fairly big demand for the Philips cd880 and cd960 which were made in the 80's. These units are perfect to modify and offer good sound at minimal pricing.
I am using a CD 880 by the standard above it should have died in 1993. Its still kicking. Heaver than a lot of recievers. What do you want to know i am in Knoxville Tn and know several engineers that work at Philips HQ.
I am using the Philips CD850 Mk II, I thinks using the CDM9 transport in which the gear that moves the cd tray broke down. Any means of getting a replacement?
I own the Quad 67 and Philips CDI-205, both have the CDM 9 transport. No problems whatsoever. My Marantz CD63SE although is a later model and having CDM 12 is giving me problems at times due to mistracking, as for the tray I use it manually for opening and closing. None of the CD Players are being used as my primary source.
I have a BAT VK D5 that uses Philips Transport model
CDM 12.4/05. Frequently it does not recognize the disc and
"no disc" prompt comes up. When it is working, all is well.
BAT syas I need to change the transport at a cost of $700.
Looks like there are all kinds of "Philips CDM 12.4"
available but seems to me that they are made by Philips.
Anyone has looked at replacement of it at a reasonable cost or buy the unit and replace it DIY. Any help will be
Hi .
I don't know how to go about what I have to say, so I'll just start at the top.

The CDM9 and it's variants are swingarm mechs (they work on an arc, powered by electro magnetic coils), while the CDM-12 series are linear (they rely on a cog and motor system, and move in a straught line).

I only know of around 50 players that used the CDM9, this being mainly due to cost limitations on budget players, whereas CDM-12's are fitted in well over twice that number.

Both are used in high end machines, though you would rarely find a CDM9 in a budget model.

The CDM-12 is available in a number of models, ranging from the budget 12.1 etc. up to the CD PRO and PRO2 (also M and LF versions).

I could go on, but have a look round the net, you'll get way more info than I could write here.

One last thing, stick with the Philips based machines, there are so many machines based their lasers and dacs etc. that mods are eaily found and spares are plentiful (and for the most part, pretty cheap), but watch out for people selling parts as "brand new", especially for lasers that have been out of production for many, many years.

The CD960 uses a CDM-1 and the CD880 uses a CDM-1 mkII. Both are swingarm types, but far superior in build, especially the CDM-1. (see my Ebay auction for one I have for sale. mscwilson

Ive just bought a CD960 and they are one of the best machines they made. Keep hold of yours.

The CD850 mkII uses a CDM-4, also a swingarm type. Can be upgraded to a composite mech (unless you already have one fitted, and even to a cast alloy version, the CDM-4/36 pro metallic (used by Krell. Same mech and laser).

Finally, don't pay $$$$'s for yopur repairs, just cos the player cost a fortune.

Nine times out of ten you'll have spent hundreds or thousands on a player, only to have the same laser fitted as in one costing a few dollars/pounds, e.g GRYPHON TABU CDP1, mega money player, fitted with a £10.00/ $15.00 KSS213A laser.

CDM-12.4 are available on the internet for under £15.00/ $25.00.

Don't get me wrong, the work that goes into most of these players is stunning, and what they get from these lasers is nothing short of breathtaking, but just be sure you don't pay over the top for your repairs, that's all.

Best of luck to you all.