Peachtree Nova 150, 300 or 500 Speaker Pairing....Any Suggestions?

I have purchases a Peachtree Nova500 and it is absolutely awesome.  Clearly the best integrated amplifier that I have ever owned.  Beats the pants off of some of the best Class A and A/B amps that I have listened too. 

But now it is time for me to upgrade my speakers, and I am interested in hearing about good speakers to be paired with the mighty Nova series!

I have seen some good reviews for Tekton Design Pendragons, Zu Audio, SVS Ultra Tower speakers, and Totem Acoustics. 

But I would really like to hear from some current Peachtree please share your thoughts or experiences  on the speakers that you have paired with a Peachtree 150, 300 or 500.

They will drive most anything well so you have the pick of the crop depending on what you are looking for.
Would help to know more about the room and where you will be listening from in it to help narrow it down.
Hi…… I own a peachtree nova 300 integrated amplifier paired to a pair of Polk audio RTi 12’s and an SVS 2000 pro sub. Room size approx 25x 30 sq ft. Awesome sound clarity and bass at mid volume levels and above. Muted at low volumes.  The Polks  are rated for max 500w @ 8 ohm. Suggest you try this combo. The Polks are reasonably priced though phased out now ( replaced by A9’s) so you may have to search a bit for a pair.

hope this was useful 
Follow through to the earlier post…..have heard that KEF reference 5 also pair wonderfully with peachtree nova 300/ 500 though the sound composition needs to grow on you as Kefs have a different sound profile warmer, deep bass. High frequencies not too harsh. The Ref 5 are expensive and maybe the KEF R11 could also be a good bet.