PC needed for EMC-1 Mk II CDP

My new Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Mk II (24/192) CDP will arrive soon from a reseller in Denmark, so sans power cord. Could someone help me shorten my options list and demo-time by recommending an affordable power cord? Thanks. Ernie
I used a Suhauro Slipstream with my EMC-1. It was the best combination I found after using many diferent cords.
I've had very good results with a JPS Digital AC power cord. It's the only reasonably priced cord that I know of that is made specifically for digital gear with digital filters built into BOTH ends of the cord. It's list price is $349 and I got a demo pair for $270 from Galen Carol audio (www.gcaudio.com). Galen is a great guy to do business with. I feel that he is one of the best, if not the best dealer of high-end audio on the net. Good luck!!
I forgot to add that the PC must be VERY flexible, as it has to turn a 90 in only a couple of inches; so the Harm Tech, for example, is too stiff to work. Thanks again, guys. Ernie