Pathos Classic one, anybody Heard it??

Ok, I know it's pretty, but what does it SOUND like??

I am considering trading my Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp for the hybrid Pathos. I miss tubes!!!

Anybody have experience? It would be driving B&W N805s.

Thanks guys!!!!
come on!!!!!!
Dude.... CHILL! You thought you had a post here stating how awesome this integrated is huh?? :>o...sorry!
I havent heard it but I remember the Stereophile review of it.It got a very good review and recommendation.
I hope this helps some.
It is worth buying just for the cool looks!
Sorry dave but that was the pathos twin tower that was reviewed not the classic one. I like those int.amps too, though I have never heard them, allegedly the twin towers is awesome, but then again I once got a deal on a bridge.
Woops! Good memory Tim.I guess we arent helping G13 out much.There is a mint Classic One for sale here for $1200($1800) Nice looking amp!

you guys got me all excited....
G13 is all hot and bothered could either someone who has actually listened to this amp reply or I am sure he would not mind a 6'4" blonde, blue eyes,....etc well if you fit that description it will make him a little happier, and I know that is NOT what you look like dave so don't pull his chain....well unless that is what you both want, ha ha ha.
I have (heard the classic 1, that is). With A-Physic Tempos (a) / horn-loaded something or other (b)/A-Physic Step (c) -- not yr B&Ws. It's a tad more "tubey" sounding than the Twin T, does not have the twin's driving power so, sensitive speakers &/or reasonable listening levels are indicated. It has speed & precision; tonally, the mid/upper mids were pleasantly accentuated, the frequency extremes somewhat lacking in the absolute sense (i.e., compared to much more expensive gear). The best results (to my ears) were with the Step. Subjectively, the sound was musical with dynamics and a good sense of rythm -- more so than I expected from this set-up.

Let me add that I heard this amp at a dealer's, the source was cdp, and we listened to opera, chamber music, some Clapton and J-L Hooker. So, my experience is limited.

Looks very cute, too.

anyone else???
i will second this question. how does the classic one perform? i as well may just buy them for their beauty. but would hope they can drive the martin logan asscent. someone answer this question so i can sleep and stop wondering. its all good. tweekerman