Pass XO vs X1

I recently saw an article where the reviewer did a comparison of these two pre-amps. For the lif of me I can't remember where I saw this. Can anyone help? Has
anyone done an audition of the above units? Thought?

Tony Cordesman, in his review for The Absolute Sound,discussed the differences in sound between the two units. The review was not a direct side by side comparison but a review of the X1 and the XOno phono stage. I have not listened to the units side by side but have heard both of them extensively (I own an X0). They are very similair in sound with the X0 offering a little bit more resolution. Given the price difference between the two, it is a call only you can make. I recommend you try to listen to the two side-by-side and see if the differences are worth it to you.
Cordesman did two reviews of the X-1 and X-Ono, in December and January or January and February, in the last one of which he did the comparison. I have the X-1 and X-ONO and love them. However good the X-O is, you have to have room for a three box preamp, and I sure don't, and Cordesman says very clearly that he found that the power supply should not be close to the main module. On either of these, you might call Audio-Video Logic in Indianapolis--they regularly run big specials on Pass, and they're very reliable to deal with.
Found it.

If I am correct, Tony Cordesman's comment about the main module being kept apart from the power supply applied to the XOno not the X0 or the X1. In any case, the cables supplied with the X0 are too short to allow the chassis to be very far apart.