PASS XA 200 or 160?

Anyone out there willing to share there opinions and experience with theese new amplifiers?
Answer: How much power do you need?
I haven't heard these but I'm looking forward to reading any reviews that come up. I do own the Pass Aleph. Unfortunately, my local dealer won't floor these. Who can blame them, these are so expensive & they will heat a room fast...
Another factor in their scarcity will be that most of the pieces are going to Asia.
I've heard a rumor that there will be an XA100 coming out. That will lower the price of admission. It will also give
the Pass fans who don't need 200 or 160 watts an XA amp with less output transistors & theoretically cleaner sound..
I sounded flippant. Sorry about that. The XAs must be very attractive to Aleph owners. My experience is with the X amps. I am currently using the X600 on brutal speakers. The 600 runs class A to about 200 watts. Because of that, I have a pretty good idea what the XA would sound like. After all, the XA is a highly biased X. Compared to the lower powered X150, one that crosses to AB at 15 watts, the 600 was smoother, had greater depth, and more body.

I am sure your Aleph experience left you with a need for class A performance, while you express a desire for upgrading to newer electronics. The advantage of the Supersymmetry X electronics over the Aleph, is a purer signal, plus greater dynamics.

The X350 is biased to about 100 watts class A. Used, they can be found between 4 and 5 k. The 600 blocks can be found between 7 and 8k. Used XAs will be almost impossible to snag.

Good luck!
I am slightly biased b/c I am a huge Pass fan, but I would say that the XA amps could represent one of the best designs to date. Rich, smooth, open, yet very dynamic and impactful.