PASS X-1 pre volume control

I just bought an used Pass X1 preamp in like-new condition. It sounds marvelous along with my X250.
But the volume control on the X1 is a little bothering me. When before or after playing music and you try to turn the volume up or down, you can hear a kind of rather soft "poo-poo" sound from speakers follow each step you are ajusting either you use front panel knob or the remote.
I call Pass to ask, their Peter( nice guy) said that's normal, nothing to worry about.
I know X1 has the new type of volume control that Pass is very proud of which registered as having a patent pending.
Is there any X1 owners has the same experience like I have?
And anyone knows why and how to get rid of it?
I am thankful to any advices since the X1 really sounds terrific!
I had an X2.5 that uses the same volume control. There is a slight audible indication when the volume is adjusted. I don't know what causes it, but I found it helpful in knowning that I had indeed hit the remote volume button correctly, espcially since my old eyes couldn't read the display that well at a distance.
I feel better as long as I am not alone.