Pass Labs XP-20 using pass thru for home theater

I have the Pass Labs set up already for two channel stereo.
It's connected to a Pass Labs X350.5 amplifier driving my Vandersteen 5A's.
I also will be using a Arcam AVP 700 surround processor connected to another amplifier, driving my rear Vandersteen VSM-1 Signature surrounds.
The Pass Labs manual says to connect the right & left front outputs of the surround processor, to input 5/pass thru on the XP-20.
I would of thought to run the right & left outputs of the rear channels of the surround processor, to the pass thru/input 5 on the Pass?
Can anyone help me regarding this?

Your XP-20 is connected to front right and left speakers therefore the same channels, F R & L preamp outputs, should be run from the AVP to the pass through input of your XP-20. The XP in this instance only routes the signal from the AVP to your X 350.5. That way the processing, if any, and volume control is carried out by the AVP. I have a similar setup. I built a two channel using Classe CP 800. A couple of years ago I added a budget theater system to the mix and connected it in the same manner to the pass through on the CP-800, works great.


Manual is correct, front L & R outputs from the Arcam to input 5 on the XP-20, and rear L & R outputs from the Arcam to the other amplifier with rear speakers. Then set input 5 to pass through. This creates a unity gain in the XP-20 for that input and functions like the Arcam is connected directly to the Pass X350.5 amp. You will also need to match front and rear levels in the Arcam. Then as you raise and lower the Arcam's volume control, front and rear remained balanced regardless of the volume setting of the Arcam.
Thanks for getting back to me regarding my question.