Pass Labs 2.5 or Mark Levinson 26

I am in a dilemma. I recently purchased a Mark Levinson 27 power amp and I don't like the way it sounds with a Alchemist Forsetti preamp. I'm thinking of buying another piece of history: ML 26 or one of the 6,7 or 10. In the meantime, I heard about the newest generation of Pass Labs X 2.5, with digital display and remote control. Which of the 2 preamps will sound better in my system: Mark Levinson 27- Legacy Focus speakers-VPT-TNT 3.5-Lyra Lydian-Phonomena phono stage??????
Please advise!
THX so much for your input
I don't know which is best for you but the Pass X2.5 really looks super cool. I downloaded the manual and love its features and abilities. Not familiar with the ML 26, however I generally stick with the same brand for amp and pre just to avoid mismatch possibilities since they can waste lots of money very easily - something you may want to consider. Frankly, I don't think it would be an issue with ML + Pass but you never know for sure until you try. Good luck! Arthur
Get the Pass. It's a radically new, proven and successful approach. The 26 is perhaps the best of the series beginning with the JC 2, which although a good design (I owned one) is best left for collectors. Also, support for the 26 is expensivo compare to Pass Labs.
I used a Levinson 26 and 27.5 together, and it was a
nice combination: expansive soundstage, detailed yet
nonfatiguing, dynamic. The 26 is an excellent preamp.
certianly the ML26,, if price is the issue, ML10 would be nice too.but the best is ML26.. well matched and natual
I own the Pass Labs X2.5 and it is superb value for the money (about 95-98%) the performance of the much more expensive reference X1 model (same internal circuitry other than the power supply). It is extremely quiet and very neutral- lets the music come out. You are not going to get the midrange magic with the top of the line Conrad Johnson, Audio Research or Jeff Rowland, but for less than $4,000 ($2,500 in the used market), you cannot find a better pre-amp for the money. The looks with cool blue lighting and industrial style finish is a bonus (built like a tank and never looks outdated even 10 years later!). I have auditioned it in the shop with a mega high-end set-up including a Classe Omega SACD player, Pass Labs X350, and Gershman Acoustics Opera Sauvage and the sound was glorious. I heard it in direct comparison to the Classe 47.5 and 65 and find the 2.5 much more detailed, and transparent with better control of the music. The soundstage is very broad with pinpoint accuracy for musical images. For me, it was a no-brainer.

Musical Cheers!