Pass Lab, Mark Levinso or JRDG for Avalon Eidolon

Does anybody has any experience with any of the following power amps for Avalon Eidolon

- Pass Lab X600
- Rowland 9, 9T or 9Ti, Model 12, or 302
- Mark Levinson 33
I have heard the Eidolon's but never owned them.

I do own the Rowland Model 12's and in researching these, I found that several people have been very happy with the combination of these speakers with the Model 12 amps.

I can only assume that the 302 and the Eidolon would be a stellar performance.
Depending on accompanying components, you may also want to consider Classe. I am presently using Classe CAM 200's as a temporary substitute for Atma-Sphere MA-2's. Combined with a Jadis preamp the presentation is very musical with little sacrifice in the frequency extremes. I must state that I was expecting a large drop-off in listening pleasure, moving from OTL to solid state, but I have been pleasanly surprised. The CAM's are nice, yet I have read that Classe Omega takes the experience further.
I have a Rowland 302 and Eidolon Diamonds. Been the Levinson route with my Eidolons and didn't match well. The Rowlands offer exceptional perfromance with the Eidolons. Best I've heard with my Eidolons or others.
Hello Philb777

May I ask what pre-amp do you use with the 302. Have you try Ayre?
friend of mine drove his eidolons with x600's,pass' top pre,cardas golden ref. cables and wadia.great musical and coherent sound.meters on amps rarely indicated that the amps were'nt operating in class A.
later upgraded to xa200's...sweeter and warmer sound,maybe a touch too warm and sweet for my taste,but still one of the best set-ups i've listened to.compared sonus faber's extremas against the eidolons on this system and was surprised to find the highs and mids were CLEARLY superior on the eidolons(smoother and much cleaner)besides the lows,the latter being no surprise.all in all great speakers,one of the best IMO.
Vtin, I run my Wadia direct into the 302 without a preamp. I'm entertaining getting a Rowland Syngery IIi though.