Pass Aleph selling their technology?

Does anyone know the name of the German company that has bought the manufacturing rights from Pass for the Aleph line? Point me to their sight? Thanks.
Take a look at the Pass Labs web site. They have updated it with the name of the company and website I beleive if you go under aleph series.
John- The company who will be manufacturing the Aleph line of amps with the licensed circuit design from Pass Labs is Volksamp. They are producing new lower cost versions of the Aleph 3- now called the Aleph 30, and the Aleph 5- now offered as a pair of monoblocks. Pass Labs is still handling distribution and handling the dealer network. The Volksamp group will also be offering, I am told, commercial production of the Zen series, sometime in the future. Their web address is
Thanks for the information Jrt. John