Pass Aleph P vs. Spectral DMC-20

I currently own a Spectral DMA-200 amp. Am currently having some custom speakers made with all Focal Audiom drivers, custom x/o. Will also be running the big Snell sub with an Ashly pro amp on the bottom. I know the DMC-20 is somewhat of a dedicated piece for Spectral amp, but have read many good things about the Pass Aleph P (but haven't heard one yet). Haven't gotten to the interconnect/speaker cable issue yet; that's for last. Which is better for my system?
Hi, I'd go with the DMC20 (the phono section is truly amazing if you're into TT). There really is the potential for audio magic if you do go the full Spectral/MIT combination. This approach is VERY expensive though. Goodluck.
I have owned Spectral equipment before, and think very highly of it. I never found that Spectral mated well with anything other than Spectral. Its great stuff, and especially magical if you go all the way (Spectral+MIT), but its a committment.
I had a DMC-20 serie 2 and a DMA-200. with MIT cable and wilson watt/puppies audio 5.1 very good sound I recently upgraded my DMA-200 into a DMA-360 The result is incredible olivier
Since you already have the DMA-200, then it only makes sense to stay with a Spectral preamp. Spectral only seems to really work as a system. However, must use specified (MIT/Spectral) cable. I own an Aleph P and if you were starting from scratch, I'd probably point you toward the Pass product, but that's not where you're at.