Parasound Zamp and Kef?

I got a really good deal on Kef q350, and was originally going to run these on an Yamaha AVR-650 I had sitting in storage.  Wife wasn't thrilled about having that monster in the house again.  I looked around and saw the Parasound Zamp3.  I love Parasound amps from my years working the home audio circuit decades ago. This fit my budget, and the power seems good enough.  I don't need 100watts, because the room these are in is an 8x10 little man cave.  Got a Schiit passive preamp to handle volume.

So anyway... Trying to keep below $500 since this is a 2nd system and I try never to spend more on equipment than I did on speakers.  Is this a good match? I've not been into music systems for a few decades, so I'm not quite sure what all is comparable or what is way overrated/underrated.

Thanks in advanced.  
Haven't heard the Parasound specifically but I can confirm that the Q350 are way less demanding than the LS50 - power wise that amp will drive them fine as would almost any decent 50 Watt amp Marantz PM6006 Rega Brio etc 

As to the amp/pre/speaker match I'd buy if possible with return policy just in case for whatever reason you have a mismatch on your hands.

Nice speaker I actually like them better than the LS50(more bass, more fun to listen to at the expense of a bit of detail) I'm sure you'll enjoy them once you get everything set up...
Sweet! Thanks! Really excited. I used to daydream in my college years about owning parasound and Kef. Used to sound great together... but that was 20 years ago and I’m not sure how things are today. Lol anything is better than my current music source: Google mini.  Lol
The zAmp is good sounding.   I had 4 of those bi-amp mono-block to an Paradigm S1 in my office .    I had my paradigm rep visit me and even he said that was crazy.   But sounds damn good.    LOL 
Wow. Just thinking about that is mind blowing!  I have everything coming next Thursday, so I’m really excited. 
Hey, if you're looking at Parasound, the 275 amp is a big step up from the Z amp, at 90 wpc and having better specs across the board.  If you're ok with B stock, you can get one here for 200 off.

Thanks. The zamp delivers tomorrow. I have a month to decide. My man cave is super tiny, so I don’t think I need 90watts, unless my neighbors across the street want to listen too.

i’m sure the zamp3 sounds better than my current setup: google mini streaming thru the Bose revolve. :)

Hey @deafleper, I’m curious how the setup turned out … I’m considering a Zamp to power some Q150’s, and would love to hear how you’ve found the pairing!