Parasound JC-1 and Rotel RB-1090: Similar sound?

This thread is for those who have owned both the Parasound Halo JC-1's, and the Rotel RB-1090 power amps, or those who have compared them to one another.
I own the JC-1's, so I am familiar with their sonics, but I have never heard the Rotel.
I have basically decided to purchase a Rotel RB-1090 for my secondary system that I am putting together in my basement.
I know that the JC-1's are probably considerably better than the Rotel RB-1090, sonically.
But, I was just curious about something:
Are the sonic signatures of these amps somewhat similar as far as voicing and balance goes?
In what ways are they sonically similar?
In what ways are they sonically different?
Thanks for your help and opinions.
I have 3 RB1090's In my home theater. They have mega POWER but is not refined POWER. Compared to my Krell's they lack heavily in dimensionality and tonal color. Perfect for Home Theater as to witch I use them in.
Check out HTGuide dot com forum. The Parasound forum has a number of users who have gone from Rotel RB to Parasound Halo. There is a Rotel forum there as well. I have NOT heard any others go the other way.
I have not heard Rotel so cannot comment BUT I am extremely satisfied with my A51.
I Could not find any useful comparisons on that forum between the JC-1's and the Rotel.
I am not wanting to replace my JC-1's with the Rotel RB-1090.
I am setting up a secondary system, and I am looking for a high powered inexpensive amp that has a similar smooth and sort of relaxed character similar to the JC-1's.
Someone suggested the Rotel, that is why I am trying to get opinions and comarisons on the two.
Several current and previous Parasound amps offer decent power. A little research should identify which ones had design input from Curl. That is the direction I would go if looking for similar sonics in a surround or secondary system.

BTW, the JC-1s are also the best match with my Duntech Princess of the MANY other tube and SS amps I've auditioned.
I have both JC-1's and RB-1090 and I've been switching between the two (3). I really like the Rotel and will keep it for a long time. It rocks better than the Parasound but is lacking detail and depth and all those audiophile things. It does seem to have a larger soundstage than the JC-1's and stronger bass-it's rowdier and less refined but if your basement is for partying the RB-1090 could be perfect. Get a handtruck.
Angela if you live in Michigan you are more then welcome to stop by anytime and have a listen. I will even show comparison against the Krell.

Roger Busby