Parasound Halo A21 + NewClassic 2125 (Mono) VS A31 for L/C/R

Hi there!

I have a question regards to powering my L/C/R - B&W CM10 S2s and CM Center 2 S2. Currently I have thee Parasound A21 powering L/R and Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2 in bridged mono powering the Center.

While the A21 is rated at 250 watts/ch and the 2125 in bridged mono is rated at 400 watts, does this make my L/C/R way out of sync or barely noticeable? Will there be  significant difference if I bought an A31 to power all three instead? Btw, the A/V is an Anthem MRX720.


Thanks in advance.



The A21 and the A31 are better amps than the 2125 but your setup is just fine, you just have to get the levels right. I think an A31 would be an upgrade but only if you have money to spend on such things. 

You mean upgrade compared to the 2125 in bridged mono? The A31 is 250 w vs 2125 in mono is 400 w but I'm only worried about the sonic match.

You'll have plenty of power 250 wpc vs 400 is less than 3 db and the A31 has better power supplies. 

I have A21 for my fronts and have a A31 coming for my center and sides. Using an old Marantz for the rears and processing.

I’ll report in. A21 added much more bass depth, dynamics, and richness.







Thanks @w123ale.

I agree with the A21, I’ve had it for over around years. I just switched to A31 for the L/C/R. The rears are powered from the Anthem receiver. I’m yet to run the room correction to recalibrate.

Mind if I jump in on this discussion to ask a few questions about Parasound? I use a NAD T758 for home theater. I believe it's 60 wpc and its plenty loud for my room when I'm watching movies. I'm looking to bypass the NAD amp when listening to 2 channel stereo and was thinking the Parasound 275 (size-wise it would fit my rack nicely) would give me more music detail than what I hear from the NAD. Powering a pair of Harbeth P3s so I don't think I need much more power than 100 wpc. Happy overall with the Parasound sound?